Forced Flexion Flexsplint
Keeps the finger in a flexed position. The loops can be adjusted to the angle that suits your need.

• On the PIP/mid finger joint
• On the DIP/end finger joint
• On the IP/end thumb joint

Handmade item

Made to order 


This product has a 3-day processing time before shipping. Orders default to the longest processing time.

►Solid frame - won't crack or split
►Extra strength - offers full support
►Adjustable - within two ring sizes larger or smaller
►Retains shape - under stress, movement and after adjustments

►Nickel and lead free compliant
►USA made and sourced

►Silver Plate: 99.9% Fine Silver Plate over Copper - will fade to Copper with wear and use
►Gold: Yellow Gold Jeweler's Brass Non Tarnish - won't fade
►Copper: Pure Copper - won't fade