Simple, adjustable, functional, and nice looking. The beautiful packaging and polished silver of the ring splint made it fun to open and wear--unlike most EDS/hypermobility equipment!
~Alix G., 01/19/19
I only wish I knew about ring splints decades ago! These are well crafted, sturdy, yet designed so you can adjust just a bit if needed. I am using more than I expected and will be purchasing more.
~Libby H., 01/14/19

Brittney B.

Works really good when I’m at work and is really comfortable. I love it and it looks nice. 

November 4, 2018 (Hypersplint™)

Emily K.

Really happy with this product. It fits very well, but my jeweler also said it would be easy to alter if needed. Delivered quickly and is a great piece. 

November 3, 2018 (Versasplint™)


I absolutely love it! I’ve had it on about a minute now and already feel the difference!!! It’s already helping me!! 💜✌🏻

October 27, 2018 (Hypersplint™)

Karen W.

Very comfortable, fits great and I love it.

October 23, 2018 (Versasplint™)

Maria P.

Perfect fit and quality work. Perfect for my pinky mallet finger. Very responsive and kind customer service. Thank you!

October 15, 2018 (Versasplint™)

Ann B.

This Alignment Splint is just what I needed. With the arthritis in my hands, one of my fingers had started curving to the left at the upper joint. I was starting to have pain and weakness in my finger as a result. I was very happy to find BlingSplints shop on Etsy and be able to buy this splint. The price was very reasonable and they helped me make the order for the right size. This attractive splint arrived within a few days after I placed my order. I started wearing the splint at night, and just wearing it then helped straighten my finger, and gave me relief from the pain and weakness in that finger. It seems I only need to wear it at night, for which I am very thankful. 

October 2, 2018 (Versasplint™)

Mary & Roger

This is the fifth trigger finger splint we have tried from shopping around - it seems to be working! Thank you!

It is a great fit and much more fun to wear, it is so pretty!

I was so excited to find this splint. My hand therapist had given me a plastic splint to wear and I just didn't like the way it looked. This one works great. I'm able to type and do all of my usual activities without my finger locking up.

This is a great product. Well made and fits perfectly!

Absolutely incredible product and service! The ring splint has helped my hand so much, and allows me complete flexibility so I am able to play my violin even with it on! Will definitely buy more of these!

Exactly what my subluxing thumbs needed!

Beautifully crafted, excellent service. I'm a physiotherapy student and so I understand the usefulness of these splints.

I am so pleased with my thumb splint, it fits perfectly! Can't recommend enough!

Fantastic splint! I have problems with one of my fingers popping out of joint a lot and this ring has helped, it also helps to keep it supported when it has popped out of joint and means I don't have to keep taping my fingers up all the time. I would recommend for hypermobility syndrome sufferers.

I am very happy with this splint!

I love my ring splint. It is very important that it fits well. If it is a bit loose it won't be effective. My challenge is that my finger swell quite a bit. Currently it fits well from morning to afternoon but in the evening it almost falls off. Hence I wasn't able to wear it all day. It is perfect for typing. I use the 10 finger system and wasn't able to do so with the usual splints. But with this one I can still keep my typing speed and use ALL of my fingers. 

Without your splints, people with EDS like me would have a hard time doing what we love to do.

This swan neck splint is wonderful! Now I don't have to worry about my finger locking up. Thank you!

I just got my ring splint in the mailbox. I am wearing it now and it is wonderful. So much more comfortable than the plastic ones. I can't wait to order some more.

Works very well, I highly recommend.

These are great, I ordered a number of these splints to help with my hand pain at work. These take a little getting used to but I noticed my fingers in much better alignment with these. 

Got these rings and they work great.

This splint is amazing - it fits my finger well and prevents hyperextension. The pain in my fingers has gotten so much better!

Very pleased with the product!

This item is fantastic! I ordered one for my index finger and liked it so much that I wanted one for my ring finger.

What a perfect set. Well made and fits nicely.

I couldn't be more happy with this splint... I never realized that my fingers were getting so deformed and weakened until I put this splint on and it completely straightened my finger and stopped the finger from hyperextending. I highly recommend these splints for people with connective tissue disorders. I will be ordering more of these! Thank you so much!

I am very happy to wear this and have it look so pretty on my finger.

The ends do not dig into you. I'm testing this out to see if it helps me right now! If it helps, I'll get more after talking to my rheumatologist.

My 9yo son wears them for school, and he finds he writes more easily.

I've been considering ring splints for a long time, having HMS in my hands and wrists as not being able to keep any of my fingers straight has made it more difficult to do the one thing that I love, music. Specifically, playing guitars. The splint just arrived and it looks and fits great. Couldn't be happier. I'll most certainly be ordering again as I hope for a set on my left hand. I highly recommend!

Excellent, excellent purchase. Fast delivery as well. Swan Neck is excellent, and very strong, I highly recommend.

I am really looking forward to trying my first splint!!

I wanted to say how happy I am with my splints! I have no thumb pain now.

Received the splints, looks beautiful - like a piece of jewelry. Thanks!

Beautiful comfy  wonderful and works brilliantly. Can not thank your company enough for this. Love from the UK

Thanks very much it's already made my guitar playing so much better.

Just wonderful! I had no idea how great this would be. I'll definitely be ordering more. Thank you so much!

Just received it today! So excited to try it out! Fits wonderfully!

Great ring splints for those of us with EDS, flexible and comfortable. Love them! Thank you, planning on ordering another set!

Great splints, thank you :)

Amazingly effective. Just what I needed. It's a revelation to have stability in my fingers!

Very helpful and shipped item quickly.

My thumb hyperextends to a huge degree, leaving me in a lot of pain from subluxation. It does take a while to get used to typing with it on.  But once I got used to it, it helps keep my thumb in a normal position and pain free.

My OT looked at the other splint yesterday. She was very impressed with it. Thought the fit was perfect and liked how sturdy it was.

I love these rings. They are amazing little contraptions.

My son is thrilled with the product. Will be back for more. Thank you so much.

Thank you, very happy with my ring splint. Showing it to my OT on Thurs!

With these splints, no problem with hyperextension and painful locking.

I got my splint in the mail today - so excited!

These are beautiful!! How could I resist? Thanks for coming up with these!

A great alternative to traditional silver ring splints.

The splint arrived today!! I had to make a minor adjustment due to my silly, sometimes swollen fingers, but now it fits great! It is comfortable and is just what I need to relieve pain and further injury!

Really helps her joints stay in. Thank you!

The simple things I took for granted had been lost, such as winding the mantle clocks, turning the little knob that controls the ceiling fan. Anything that requires that pinching function of the thumb and forefinger.

Thank you for fast delivery!

I was so excited to find your website and I am looking forward to ordering more splints.

Love this splint! It's so beautiful, great fit! A++++++!!!

Wow, this item came so fast! It's really lovely and I think it's' really going to help me with my hypermobility issues.

Extremely happy with purchase, will be ordering more!

My splint arrived today and it is perfect! Thank you-again! I can't tell you how much your splints have improved my abilities and decreased my pain. I'm so grateful!

It fits great and has really helped me.

I'm so glad that I read about your company and splints online. What wonderful service for us EDS'ers.

Thank you, fits perfectly.

These are beautiful. The sizing was accurate and they are supporting my painful joints well.

Very pleased to have found you!

My fingers tend to have that 'ratchet' noise/feeling when I move them and the splints totally stopped that which is fantastic!

This is just as pretty as it looked, and feels sturdy!

Received my order today.....fits perfectly! Works great! Thank you so much!


 For the first time my my life, my fingers are straight. I am hopeful that t hey will help with my pain from EDS. I'm so over joyed. Thank you Rebecca. You are such a sweet and compassionate woman. I cannot thank you enough. I will be back. 


Fit is perfect, and the splint and strap are very durable and attractive! Thank you so much for this, it's just what I have needed and looks amazing!


Just received my thumb splint. I sprained my thumb and was in need of a stabilizer. I like that it looks like jewelry and not like your traditional drug store splint. Thanks to the seller for a smooth and quick transaction. You have been very accommodating!


This is the first time in four months that my daughter can open her hand, and use it, without her knuckles displacing. It's early days, but they provided instant relief, and we are thus far very impressed. Thank you so much.


My splint fits perfectly. I have had more than a few people ask me where I got my beautiful ring :) The product is great and the customer service was even better. Thank you!


I have had so much pain. Finally, I feel supported while still maintaining mobility of my thumbs!


My splint just arrived! Fits perfectly (even though it is adjustable, I didn't need to make any adjustments) and even just a preliminary test has made me very thankful that I have made this purchase! Thank you so much!


Love them so much! I've had them on all day. At first they felt strange, but now I don't even notice I'm wearing them.  I do notice the extra stability while typing and how much less pain I'm in after work.


Shipping was fast, it fits comfortably, and I'm loving it. I can still type and use my finger without burden, and it instantly relieved the pain in my finger. 10/10 I will be buying more.


What a beautiful piece! Everyone thinks it's a high fashion ring. The box and velvet bag add that perfect touch. I'm so happy these are available to those of us who need them. Thank you!


Promptly shipped and came in a beautiful box with cleaning cloth. Items were as described! Thank you!


Love these splints. This one is particularly helpful when typing. Thanks! Will certainly consider more as I need them!


I am so happy with the ring splints I ordered from you. Now that I've worn them I can say that they helped so much. I will be ordering the silver ones next.


 I absolutely love love love the splints that Rebecca made. They will really help with my Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and my rheumatoid arthritis. I would recommend Rebecca and her splints to anyone who has issues with their fingers. She even put them in separate little baggies and labeled them so I knew which one goes with which finger. I feel they are worth a lot more than I paid. They are excellent!!! 


I got the short  splint for my middle finger on which the PIP joint locks. I only wear it at night because I find that it inhibits the use of my hand too much, but wearing it at night helps.


Exactly as described, and fits perfectly. Here's to a future in which my pinky finger doesn't bend the wrong way!


This appears to be the best solution to my collapsing violin pinkie finger so far!

See the video


It fits great and I love it! I was so happy to find unique ring splints that were also affordable. 


Perfect! I bought this for my left ring finger. And Rebecca sent me a "wedding band" type splint as well. Lovely surprise and extremely nice. Thank you.


Just what I needed.


The difference is amazing - I've been able to stop wearing a wrist brace, as this stabilises my thumb and has really eased the pain.


This is perfect for keeping my thumb in place. It looks great, fits really well and isn't uncomfortable at all. So far only my cousin (who doesn't have EDS) has seen me in it and asked where I got such a cool thumb ring haha. Perfect and cute, will be ordering any others I need from you guys :) xx


I love it, it's perfect. I very literally got INSTANT relief. Rebecca does amazing work, with super fast shipping. I won't be buying ring splints anywhere else.


Like all splints it takes some getting used to but so glad I had the chance to get what I needed.


I just got my MCP splint today and it's perfect! ...Thanks so much!


Great service! Treated like more than a customer, a sincere service to make the best product with great fit and quality!