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I don't have one of those "here's my dream" stories, or "we milk silk worms for the ribbon for our packaging" stories. Well, kudos. I hope you wash up afterwards. 

So, what's my story? How did I get started? I had a seizure from a combination of low blood pressure and low blood sugar. Pretty dreamy, huh? Trying to put the pieces together the following days, led to an unexpected EDS diagnosis. At least that diagnosis finally answered some questions. I'm in a better place now health-wise, but every day has challenges.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) is not an easy thing to live with. Most commonly, people think "double-jointed". They don't realize that leads to serious, constant, chronic pain. Some individuals are just flexible, their tissues go back to normal range of motion after over-extending (think gymnist). Not with EDS. Our tissues stretch, then tear or stay stretched out. I've had tears take a full year to recover, and a broken foot took three years for the tissues to heal.

It also affects more than the joints since it affects all connective tissue, which is.....everywhere. Most of us have internal organ disfunction with severe issues. Everyday, all day, is painful to some degree. I know that's why you're here too, pain. Hopefully, I can help. My EDS is what brought me to start designing ring splints back in 2010, and it's still going strong today. I still handcraft and finish the splints one at a time. No molds, prefab, or cast splint forms are used. 

I want to personally thank you for your interest in my unique products. Though I've had to discontinue my other intricate designs due to EDS, I still offer the most popular ones on this website and through my Etsy store.

Spoonie and Zebra
Owner & Founder, Bling Splints LLC

Rebecca currently resides with her family in Holland Michigan, and works out of her cozy home studio.