May help to support and protect a digit after a sprain or break. NOT to be worn if swelling is still present or may occur. Remember to ALWAYS seek medical advice prior to splinting for any reason, or your condition and recovery could worsen.

Handmade item

Made to order 


This product has a 2-week processing time before shipping. Orders default to the longest processing time.

►Solid frame - won't crack or split
►Extra strength - offers full support
►Adjustable - within one ring size larger or smaller
►Retains shape - under stress, movement and after adjustments

►Nickel and lead free compliant
►USA made and sourced

►Silver Plate: 99.9% Fine Silver Plate over Copper - will fade to Copper with wear and use
►Gold: Yellow Gold Jeweler's Brass Non Tarnish - won't fade
►Copper: Pure Copper - won't fade