Wide Alignment Sidesplint™
May help to alleviate or prevent joint misalignment.

• Alignment - PIP/mid finger joint, DIP/end finger joint, or IP/end thumb joint misalignment or lateral deviation
• Although this can be worn on the DIP joint, it is less typical due to the extra width - view Alignment Versasplint as an alternative.

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  1. For this splint, find the size above, around and below the affected joint.
  2. Contact me before ordering if you suffer from Heberden's or Bouchard's nodes or have enlarged joints.
  3. All sizing information will be entered in the "Sizing Personalizations" box in the shopping cart.
  4. Remember to specify the method of measurement (ring sizer, sizing tool, centimeters (cm), millimeters (mm), inches (in), EZ-Sizes (SIRIS), Oval-8.

Questions before ordering? Never hesitate to get in touch