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Ring Splints and Arthritis Relief

Splints have been used to align and stabilize deformities for centuries and splints (or orthoses) are still used today.

So can splints actually help arthritis? That depends on the type of arthritis and severity of deformity experienced. And results vary per user. Both Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis can make fingers swollen and stiff.  Ring splints may be beneficial in protecting these small finger and thumb joints.
Individuals who have RA may suffer from finger deformities which can happen slowly over many years. Finger deformities which may be associated with RA are:
  • Swan neck, boutonniere deformity, or hitchhiker's thumb
  • Subluxations, or partial dislocations
  • Ulnar drift
  • Instability and pain
Ring splints may help, always be sure to speak with your doctor before wearing splints.



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