Pillow Talk

I wanted to drop a quick note on the Medcline shoulder relief pillow. From my EDS, I damaged my right rotator cuff pretty badly and tore both AC joints. I was dealing with all this at the same time and needed some relief. 

The Medcline isn't cheap, it will set you back around $200-$300. I ordered right from their website, if I remember correctly and received it very quickly - the next day in fact. I don't know if they always ship that quickly, but it was my experience.

I do recommend the Medcline. My version was the blue one. I believe the other one (orange) is also helpful with heartburn, which I do get, but my Specific Care Chiropractor didn't feel I should incline that much. The blue did the job within a few months, and I am no longer using it. It's on the shelf for the next injury.

Do I recommend it even with the hefty price? YES, absolutely

Would I buy it again if I needed it? YES

One downside with my EDS was having lower back pain after waking. Shoulder and neck felt better, but the lower back took a couple hours to straighten out. Totally worth it if you need to heal that shoulder and neck.


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